I felt like a kid on Christmas Day when I discovered the lovely Jon O’Connell (founder of Chocology in York) had sent me some dairy and gluten-free chocolate truffles to test. These sweet treats are also vegan. Bonus. They looked almost too good to eat – beautifully packaged and labelled. But I managed in the […]

I wrote a blog when my eldest daughter, Megan, first started school (http://safereating.co.uk/lessons-in-gluten-free-school-dinners-will-my-mini-coeliacs-new-school-pass-the-test/). She has coeliac disease so I was really worried about whether they could cater for her safely. We were lucky as the school is really clued up on dietary requirements and even has a dietitian, who goes through the menus. They also […]

On the 31st March, the Department of Health opened a consultation on the NHS prescribing of gluten-free foods. The public can give their views by completing a survey found at this link. The consultation closes on the 22nd June 2017. Safer Eating fears that the public has been mis-sold facts in the government’s push to make drastic cuts across […]

It’s suddenly dawned on me that I don’t have to be quite so organised on the food front. Family trips used to be planned like a military operation. Now, when we’re heading out, catering for everyone is a whole lot easier, especially when I’m on my own and don’t have the slightly fussy mini-coeliacs with […]

It may be a lot more mainstream, but things are still confusing on the free-from front. You can get mixed messages from labels, waiters, menus, online forums – even doctors. And people have completely different interpretations of free from. For coeliacs, like my kids and me, we have to be strict and consider cross-contamination with […]

 A crazy face to match my crazy symptoms. I’ve been feeling a bit rubbish recently. Just absolutely exhausted. Definitely not my normal self… although I am not sure how normal that ever gets. I’m waiting on immunology as everything is pointing towards another autoimmune disease. If you have one, you have an increased chance of […]