“When I am eating out and say that I can’t have gluten – I absolutely love it if they say “Have you got coeliac disease?” It gives me confidence that the venue has some idea about my needs.”
Karen – coeliac disease and lactose intolerance

If you are interested in seeking training in food allergens, preventing cross-contamination and dietary requirements, or having support developing your menus, please let us know

How The Safer Eating Company can help you

The safer way to make food, make money and make customers happy


  • Advertise your good practice for free
  • Customers will easily find you through our safer places to eat finder. The ‘go to’ search tools for diners who will ‘spread the word’ for your company
  • With the Safer Eating sticker in your window – it will mean customers know your establishment REALLY understands their needs and that you take dietary requirements seriously
  • We can make you money from the rapidly growing and relatively untapped free-from market
  • Remember people with dietary requirements do not eat alone – think of the massive numbers of people you could have through your door if you also factor in their friends and families


Encourage customer loyalty – ensure people with dietary requirements can trust you

We are a trusted source for information and advice. We can keep you up-to-date with food safety laws


77% of people with a food allergy or intolerance find it difficult to eat out (Allergy UK 2012)

74% of people with coeliac disease say they would eat out twice a week if there were some gluten-free options available (Coeliac UK 2013)

EU regulation comes into force in the UK in December 2014 demanding that all businesses give allergen information for the 14 specified allergenic ingredients for non pre-packed foods (Food Standards Agency 2014)

Up to 45% of people in the UK has a food intolerance (Allergy UK 2012)

Between 1999-2006 48 deaths were caused by anaphylaxis to food, highest number being due to nuts (House of Lords 2007)