Top tips for trick or treating…

Trick or treat (My 5 year-old mini-coeliac’s first ever carved pumpkin)

It’s trick or treat time. Yipee! How excited do the kids get (erm, and the adults of course)!? it’s just fantastic.

We’ll be getting dressed up as witches, slightly lower key to the Old Gregg costume I wore on Saturday night (for any Boosh fans out there – “Ever drunk Baileys from a shoe?”). We’ll be armed with buckets and going to knock on a few doors.

Old Gregg Halloween Old Gregg Halloween costume

But what do you need to consider when you are going trick or treating with tricky eaters?

Here’s some of our top tips…

1. Depending on how severe the child’s symptoms/reactions are, allow them to accept everything, so you don’t make the ‘giver’ feel bad, but then swap anything that is not safe at home. Have a little stash of safe treats. Then Mum or Dad gets the rest.

2. Warn your neighbours that you will be trick or treating with tricky eaters. If your child reacts when handling the allergen, one way to get around it would be to take safe treats to your neighbours prior to going trick or treating.

3. Keep wrappers of any sweets you have so you can double-check ALL labels.

4. Be really careful of hidden ingredients in sweets. The problem is, there are so many that can catch parents and carers out. For example:

Egg and soya in Chewits and Mars Bars

Nuts in Liquorice Allsorts

Gluten in Smarties

Gelatine in Dolly Mixtures

Wheat in strawberry laces

Milk in mint humbugs

5. If there is not a label on the sweet, don’t risk eating it. Labels must be checked on literally everything.

Best leave you now and get back to working out ways to use up all the pumpkin flesh. Happy Halloween everyone.

Pumpkin halloween

By Karen Woodford – mum of 2 tricky eaters and also one herself (currently still trying to remove the green face paint from her forehead)

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