There’s a bloke down my street dressed as Spider-Man. He’s been there for a week, gritting his teeth through the tail end of Storm Doris – weather that would test the toughest superhero, let alone one wearing holey Nikes. He’s also wearing a sandwich board, declaring that Domino’s has just opened in the next town. […]

When you’re first diagnosed with coeliac disease, as well as digesting the fact your diet has to change FOR EVER, the specialist also hits you with a lovely list of things you’re more at risk of, like: Osteoporosis Sure enough, I don’t have a brilliant bone density and, after a bone scan last year (Dem […]

Despite being strong on the outside, I’m pathetically feeble on the inside. As was seen last week, when I was brought to my knees by a bit of toast. I’m coeliac and was diagnosed a decade ago. Over the years, I’ve come to recognise the small window you have before your tiny, overpriced gluten-free loaf […]

Unless you’ve had your head stuck inside a gas oven for the past week, you’ll know The Great British Bake Off is back. Despite being on Series 7, I only sat down to my first episode last year. As I’m coeliac, I thought the cakey subject matter would frustrate me. Like a horny nun sitting […]

The older you get, the more bothered you are about what’s going on inside your body instead of on the outside. Crying over fringes, spots and big noses is replaced by freak-outs over lumps, aches and barking coughs. And so the latest worry in my life is not wrinkles… it’s bones. And whether they are […]

I come from a proud family of bargain hunters. My mother still can’t resist telling me exactly how much my birthday present cost and what was knocked off, even before I’ve unwrapped it. My dad can often be found roaming around Asda at 10pm in search of yellow stickered whole chickens and crusty cheese bread […]